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Thermotolerant (faecal) Coliform Count
The kit includes a portable, battery-powered incubator capable of
making five cycles of incubation without mains electricity,
generator or vehicle power. Thermotolerant (faecal) Coliform counts
can be obtained within 14 to 18 hours of sampling giving a reliable
indication of sanitary risk without need for transport or laboratory facilities.
Turbidity Test
A measure of the amount of suspended matter in a water supply.
Suspended material may consume chlorine disinfectants and require
treatment before disinfection.
Chlorine and pH Tests
Many emergency water supplies are dosed with chlorine disinfectant to
ensure their safety as drinking water. These tests allow rapid assessment
of chlorine levels and aid the efficient control of dosing thereby avoiding
waste and ensuring that enough chlorine is present to safeguard the supply.
Total Coliform Count
The dual incubator kit allows microbiological analysis to be carried out at
both 37 and 44 degrees Celsius. The lower temperature is used for the
determination of total coliforms. Coliform counts can be made within 16-18
hours and give a indication of contamination of water supplies from
environmental and other sources.
Other Tests
A conductivity meter is provided as an optional component of the kit.
Conductivity provides an indication of contamination e.g. saline intrusion
or sewage pollution. Additional equipment can be included on request to
test for chemicals that may be of local importance.
Dimensions:370 x 140 x 260mm
Weight: Approx 10kg
Incubator: Temperature 44 Celsius, power 12v (internal battery -charger supplied),
capacity 16 x 47mm petri dish
The kit is supplied with consumables for 200 tests.
Additional items required for testing
You will need the following items to start testing:
- Pressure cooker or portable steriliser or access to an autoclave e.g. in a hospital.
- Methanol (approx 1ml per test)
- Distilled water
- 1 litre measuring cylinder or beaker.


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